Introduction to Networking Course Overview

What is the Introduction to Networking Training Course A set of instructional materials that provide a foundation of understanding for networking and its terminology.

I've spent a career learning about networking. Let me explain it to you!

The course focuses on the OSI Reference Model as a context for understanding the concepts, terms, devices, and protocols of networking. This course is the first step in preparing for a career in networking - and in preparing to take the CCNA certification exam.

Or, it can stand alone as an overview of networking and its technologies, for those who simply want to understand what a network is and how it all works.

Overview of Course Materials The Introduction to Networking Training Course comprises the following materials -

  • PowerPoint slides - When printed in the Notes format, instructor notes are available on every page. The slides can be printed in the 2 slides per page Handout format for use as a student handout. The Notes format, as shown in the sample lesson, can also be used in a
    self-study scenario.

  • For an academic environment, there is a quiz for each chapter and a final exam, as well as sample schedules and grading policies. Click here to see a sample quiz.

Course Objective

  • Provide a foundation for understanding basic networking and internetnetworking concepts terms, functions, devices, and protocols.